Inheritances require carefully considered solutions for both the person leaving the property and their heirs. Unwise handling of these matters could lead to serious complications and even the annulment of the Will or any other arrangements.

At Desmon Abogados, we are aware of the importance these issues have for our clients. For this reason, we provide the most professional and informed guidance, considering all the factors involved in the process. We possess the necessary knowledge of the inheritance laws and regulations applicable to different places of residence and nationalities, therefore guaranteeing our clients the most advantageous advice.

The most frequently requested services in this area are:

Guidance in inheritances:

  • Preparation of Wills, revision of the validity of Wills, and judicial challenges to inheritances.
  • Processing the acceptance of inheritances.
  • Claims of children’s rightful inheritance.
  • Settlement of inheritance taxes.
  • Out-of-court negotiations among heirs.
  • Death certificates.
  • Last Will and Testament certificates.
  • Living Wills and inscription in the Registry of Advance Medical Directives.
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