For many of the complicated situations that could appear in your daily life, the presence of a lawyer is of vital importance. This could be either to control a situation from its beginning, or to minimize the negative consequences it might provoke. At Desmon Abogados, we always offer the most professional services to defend your interests, with judicial issues, or out of court agreements.

In this way, we can help you in practically any situation in which legal advice is needed, in all of Spain (and also in Italy, where we have a collaborating lawyer with an office in Rome). Specifically, to give you an idea of the services we offer, below you will find those most frequently requested by our clients.

A.- Civil and Mercantile Law

  • Litigation claims on houses and other properties.
  • Withdrawals from contracts.
  • Building defects and ten-year guarantee fulfillment.
  • Debt collection and defense from debt collection.
  • Bank guarantee Off of Plan claims.
  • Complete legal management of traffic accidents.
  • Sending of certified notification.
  • Divorces and owner extinction of shared properties.
  • Evictions and reclamation of unpaid rent.
  • Bankruptcy

B.- Administrative Law

  • Enquiries in Town Halls about official Property Reports.
  • Public negligence claims to Public Administrations, Town Halls, Regional or Central governments.
  • Appeals to traffic tickets and other fines.

C.- Criminal Law

  • Economic offences. Appropriation, falsification, fraud, corporate crime, money laundering, negligent bankruptcy.
  • Personal offences. Injury, homicide, murder.
  • Traffic offences. Drunk driving, speeding, disobeying authority, leaving the scene of an accident.
  • Property offences. Theft, receiving stolen goods, damages, utility fraud.
  • Public Health offences. Drug trafficking.
  • Domestic Violence and gender violence offences.
  • Offences to Honor. Slander and libel.
  • Social Security offences and offences dealing with worker’s rights.
  • Public order offences. Disorderly conduct, holding or trafficking illegal arms.

D.- Labor Law

  • Firings.
  • Claims to unpaid wages or vacation time.
  • Claims to FOGASA (Fondo de Garantía Salarial).
  • Recognition of labor relations.
  • Accidents in the workplace.