On many occasions, you may find it necessary to make use of a document which has been provided by another country and written in a language other than Spanish. You might also need to use a Spanish document in a foreign country, and therefore require the translation services that Desmond Abogados provides.

It is possible that these translations don’t need to be certified, and will only be used in order to understand the contents of the document.

In other cases, especially when dealing with documents that must be presented to the courts or Public Administration, an official certified translation is necessary. This implies a higher cost, due to the fact that the translator has been officially licensed by the Spanish Government.

For either of these situations, we have translators who are licensed and registered in order to carry out this service in the shortest amount of time possible, and at a reasonable price.

In terms of legalization, foreign documents must have the Hague Apostille in order to be considered valid in Spain. Every country has a Legalization Office, which is the only competent authority to emit legalization certificates or apostilles. As a consequence, this legalization is the guarantee that the signature or stamp on a public document is authentic.